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    2018-08-25 Return list

    Our mainly produces and sells various types of laser engraving products, digital inkjet products; Laser class has: YAG series laser engraving machine, CO2 series laser engraving machine, laser cutting machine, the semiconductor side pump laser marking machines, semiconductor end-pumped laser engraving machine, fiber laser marking machine, laser welding machines. Digital categories include: color photo machine, color flatbed machines, widely used in advertising and printing industries. The company laser, digital products are exported to the United States, Britain, Italy, Russia, Vietnam, Myanmar, South Korea, Thailand, India, Egypt and other countries and regions. Products stable performance, easy operation and maintenance, laser products are widely used metal tools, automobile and motorcycle parts, sanitary ware, electronic components, electrical appliances, jewelry, plastic products, mobile phone keypad, leather clothing, glass products, handicrafts, food packaging digital technology products for advertising, printing, ceramics, glass and other fields; fields.