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    Applicable industry: it is applied in various fields with high standard plastic products, crystal stones, high hardness products and high precision requirements. Such as masonry, all kinds of plastics, high hardness glass, eyeglass clock, IT industry

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    PLU UV laser marking machine

    PLU UV laser marking machine

    Product features:

    Most materials absorb ultraviolet laser, so the application is more extensive, ignore any material, can mark, mark, sculpture, known as the omnipotent laser marking machine.

    The heat affected area is very small, and no heat effect will be generated

    High photoelectric conversion and long service life of nonlinear crystal.

    High electro - optical conversion efficiency, high repetition frequency, stable output power, single pulse energy fluctuation less than 1%, can realize precision laser marking.

    With strong adaptability to the environment, it can work continuously and normally under the environment of vibration, shock, dust, humidity, etc. It is easy to realize the coupling with optical fiber, and it can work remotely.

    Integration, air cooling, small volume, low power consumption, high efficiency, high reliability, long life. No optical pollution, no power coupling loss, long time maintenance free, cost saving, easy to operate and operate, operating system supported: win98/2000 /XP/WIN7/.

    PLU UV laser marking machine

    PLU UV laser marking machine

    Applicable materials and application industries:

    Applicable materials: all kinds of glass, all kinds of plastic, TFI, LCD screen, plasma screen, IC crystal grain, ceramics, polymers, etc

    Applicable industry: various fields used in plastic products, highstandards, high hardness, fine crystal products require high precision. Such

    as masonry, plastic, high hardness glass, glasses and watches, IT industry, and solar photovoltaic products.