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    Used in depth, smoothness, precision and other fields. Such as precision electronics and electrical, instrumentation, hardware, eyeglass clocks, IT industry, mold, solar photovoltaic products.

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    PLS optical fiber laser marking machine

    PLS optical fiber laser marking machine

    Product features:

    1. Air cooling system, longer service life, the one hundred thousand hours of free maintenance, free use of consumables.

    2. The light quality is good, close to the diffraction limit, TEM00 TEM00 output, M2 is close to 1, the light divergence angle is less than 0.3mrad.

    3. High electro-optical conversion efficiency, high repetition frequency,output power is stable, single pulse energy fluctuation is less than 1%, which can realize the high speed and high precision laser marking.

    4. Strong ability to adapt to the environment, vibration, shock, dust and humidity environment in the normal and continuous operation, easy to realize and fiber coupling, realize remote work.

    5. The overall integration, air cooling, small volume, low power consumption, high efficiency, high reliability, long service life. No optical pollution, no power coupling loss, long time maintenance free, save the use of cost, operation and easy to use, support the operating system: 2000/ XP/ WIN7 WIN98/.

    PLS optical fiber laser marking machine

    PLS optical fiber laser marking machine

    Industry application:

    Applicable materials: silicon wafer, circuit chip, light transmission key alloy steel, copper, coating metal,ABS, PVC, PES, organic polymer, etc.

    Applicable industry: applied to the depth, smoothness, fine precision requirements of various fields. Such as precision electronic electrical, instrumentation, hardware, glasses, watches and clocks